Stands for sustainability & NATURe PRODUcTs

Buy mapacho and palo santo and support nature conservation

Following our vision, we are selling authentic and regionally rooted products from South America at a reasonable price.

In this way we grant you access to valuable food supplements, Shamanic utensils and traditional healing plants and ensure that local producers and nature will benefit from it. Buy mapacho tobacco, buy palo santo, smoke, smoke incense,  mapacho kaufen, palo santo kaufen, buy mapacho, buy palo santo, mapacho planet, günstig mapacho, frisches mapacho, fresh mapacho, cheap mapacho. Räucherwerk, mapacho Tabak kaufen, Räucherwerk shop, Räucherwerke.

  • All our products were manufactured sustainable and in organic quality.


  • We are choosing our producers personally, maintain personal contact to them and reward them accordingly to the standards of fair trade. 


  • Purposefully, we are supporting nature conservation projects in the Amazon region of Peru. Part of our proceeds will flow into the purchase of Rainforest areas to save them from deforestation and promote reforestation.


"In this way the existence of a positive synergy between man and nature can persist further on."